Spinning Board for horizontal and vertical rotation. Perfect for home programs and mobile therapy. 

Can take up to 105kg in sitting and lying positions. 

Measures 51.5cmX90cm and weighs 7kg. 

$12.65 per brush


Therapressure Brush used for the Therapressure Brushing Protocol to reduce tactile sensitivity. 

The ONLY brush endorsed by Patricia and Julia Wilbarger, creators of The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol.

$115 per hour

One hour consultation with a New Zealand Registered Occupational Therapist. 

$200 annual subscription

Yearly Subscription
Therapeutic Listening Program - an audio-bsaed program which is tailored to a person's specific needs to help with:
*Social interaction
*Attention and arousal
*Sensory defensiveness
*Sensory Integration
*Breathing and respiratory improvements

Please note: this fee does not include the headphones and music player, these items must be purchased separately by the user.