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Call us today on +64 9 3006324

All therapy staff are trained Occupational Therapists registered with the New Zealand Board of Occupational Therapists. 

All of our staff have had both COVID-19 vaccination doses to help protect our tamariki. 

A Comprehensive Assessment is usually recommended for school aged children. The assessment takes between 90-120 minutes. The fee covers client information collection, the assessment session, marking the assessment and report writing and 30min consultation to discuss the report.

During this time various areas are assessed including:

  • Sensory processing/sensory integration
  • Retained primitive and postural reflexes
  • Gross motor skills (balance, ball skills, body awareness, sequencing and organisation of movement)
  • Fine motor skills (in hand manipulation skills, fine motor speed, development of grips and grasping, cutting skills)
  • Handwriting (pencil grip, letter formation, writing pressure, writing speed, writing legibility, posture, paper position)
  • Visual motor integration (coordinating the eyes with the muscles of the body)
  • Visual perceptual skills (how we interpret what our eyes see)
  • Auditory and Visual memory

Comprehensive assessment is charged at $650.00 all inclusive

Lite Assessment is charged at $500.00 all inclusive.

A Lite Assessment is usually recommended for younger children, or those who are not able to cope with a longer testing session. It is useful for testing specific areas, such as handwriting or sensory processing. A report can be completed at an additional cost if requested.

What happens after the assessment? 

Following the assessment process, you therapist will be able to advise if regular occupational therapy input is recommended. You are able to start therapy straight away if required. If occupational therapy is not the best option for your child, or a referral to other professionals is recommended, your therapist will discuss these options with you.