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All therapy staff are trained Occupational Therapists registered with the New Zealand Board of Occupational Therapists. 

All of our staff have had both COVID-19 vaccination doses to help protect our tamariki. 

Call us today on +64 9 3006324

What approaches are used at Child's Play OT?
At Child's Play OT we believe in following client-centered and family-centered approaches to therapy. We need to understand your needs in order to create the best therapy interventions specifically for you and your loved ones.

client-centered approach means putting the client first (in this case the person receiving therapy). Their needs are assessed and goals made which are specific and unique to them. When working with children, processes are followed to include the child as much as possible in these decisions - if they don't have the motivation for it, they won't want to do it!

family-centered approach means respecting the family's beliefs, roles, expectations and input in the child's life. This is considered when creating goals and therapy programs to ensure they are practical and attainable within the family environment.

variety of frameworks and models are used when assessing and providing intervention to our clients. We use a combination of Top-Down (working on a specific task) and Bottom-Up (working on the underlying skills and development) strategies to address goals. Sensory Integration Therapy is a particular focus for therapy programs. Some Neuro-Developmental Therapy is also considered, such as inhibiting retained reflexes which can cause difficulties to development.

We strive to keep up-to-date with Professional Development and Continuing Education. A variety of workshops and courses are attended as often as possible and we believe this is reflected in our high standard of practice.

What age range do you deal with?
We are able to support children of all ages and their families.

Can you help adults?

Therapy for adults is available for those experiencing difficulties with daily function. We cater more specifically for adults with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or sensory processing difficulties. Adult intervention is done through consultations, highlighting areas of need and putting ideas and plans in place to help cope in everyday life. This can be done in person, email, over the phone or video-conferencing.

Who can make a referral to Child’s Play OT?
Anyone. It is very common for issues to be highlighted once a child starts attending an education facility. Parents, educators, Special Needs/Learning Coordinators, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB), General Practitioners, Paediatricians, Speech Therapists, Behavioural Optometrists, Educational Psychologists, or anyone else concerned with the child’s development can contact our services to make a referral. We will of course need the family's consent to start intervention. 

How do I know if me or my child needs Occupational Therapy?
People will often say that they have a ‘feeling’ something is not right with the situation. Often a child or teenager with social or development issues will show through with behaviour difficulties and be classed as the ‘naughty’ or ‘oppositional’ child. This can continue into adult life as display as anxiety and/or depression. While there may be behaviour difficulties, other areas must be assessed to rule out possible developmental challenges. If you or your child display any of the following traits, occupational therapy will be of benefit:

  • sensitive to the feeling of certain clothes
  • limited diet due to sensitivity to texture, taste or gagging on foods
  • rely heavily on fixed routines and habits
  • have difficulty using silverware or writing utensils
  • constantly bump into things
  • hate busy places such as malls and concerts
  • fluorescent lights are too bright to tolerate
  • emotional outbursts
  • difficulty coping with change
  • difficulty learning to ride a bike
  • time management does not come naturally
  • resistant to light touch/hits out when someone brushes past
  • always moving and fidgeting (especially when trying to concentrate)

Do I have to pay for services?
Child's Play O.T. is a privately run practice. This means that intervention must be paid for by the client. We accept cash, EFTPOS and internet payments at time of service. 

Will Child’s Play come to us?
Your therapist may be able to see you/your child at home, school or in the community depending on their availability. Your therapist may recommend to start sessions at our practice to access our equipment and then move to offsite sessions. 
All sessions carried out offsite will incur a travel fee of $0.79 per kilometer.