All therapy staff are trained Occupational Therapists registered with the New Zealand Board of Occupational Therapists. 

All of our staff have had both COVID-19 vaccination doses to help protect our tamariki. 


Spinning Board for horizontal and vertical rotation. Perfect for home programs and mobile therapy. 

Can take up to 105kg in sitting and lying positions. 

Measures 51.5cmX90cm and weighs 7kg. 

$15.00 per brush


Therapressure Brush used for the Therapressure Brushing Protocol to reduce tactile sensitivity. 

The ONLY brush endorsed by Patricia and Julia Wilbarger, creators of The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol.

Call us today on +64 9 3006324
Call us today on +64 9 3006324

$200 annual subscription

Yearly Subscription
Therapeutic Listening Program - an audio-based program which is tailored to a person's specific needs to help with:
*Social interaction
*Attention and arousal
*Sensory defensiveness
*Sensory Integration
*Breathing and respiratory improvements

Please note: this fee does not include the headphones and music player, these items must be purchased separately by the user.

$130.00 per hour

One hour consultation with a New Zealand Registered Occupational Therapist.